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Why the Trek: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast

Jun 7, 2018

You asked for it (you didn't), so we delivered (we did)! We start with Zach's unfiltered thoughts about Solo, A Star Wars Movie, then David tries his hardest to segue back to Star Trek Discovery.

Then we get into the subject of this episode: Star Trek Deep Space Nine, S1E18 Duet. David compares the Cardassian occupation of Bajor to 19th century colonialism. CARDASHIAN jokes abound, we're sorry.  Zach compares the argumentative back-and-forths between Kira and Maritza to Law & Order. Finally, we discuss HOW GOOD the storytelling is in this show and how prescient it is still in 2018. Join us next week for S2E26, The Jem'Hadar.